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How does FWM determine its yardage prices?

Each yardage we sell is hand-printed in our studio at FWM by our talented staff. Prices may vary due to the level of difficulty of each design. Curious about our yardage made products, like our tote bags or napkins? Those are also made by hand! Our prices reflect the limited supply, level of detail and care that is put into each item.

Where is my order coming from?

Each order is packaged here at the Workshop! Because we process each order individually, feel free to let us know if you have a special request and we will try our best to accommodate.

When will my order arrive?

The museum is closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays. Because of that, if you order on a Sunday, expect a 1–2-day delay. Other than that, your order will be packed and shipped the day that it is placed!

What is an Artist Edition? 

Over the years, artists from around the world have collaborated with FWM to create special editions in a range of media, creating a trove of unique gifts to discover in our Museum Shop! Learn more here.

Do you have a question about a current or past Artist Edition? Feel free to ask us! We love revisiting our rich history of FWM editions.

Will the Artist Editions be restocked?

It depends! Many of our Artist Editions, like our silk scarves or yardages, are open editions, meaning they can be re-printed in the future. Some artists, however, have chosen to create a closed edition, meaning there is a limited supply that will be produced and sold. And once they’re all gone, that’s it!