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A rectangular blanket with a dark red border and deep blue center. A mirrored pattern of bright red ribbons make up the top layer of detail. A photograph of an artist hand-painting over a table. A detail of Samara Golden's blanket in progress appears at the right of the image.A photograph showing two long textile designs with a dark red and green border and a blue center. A mirrored pattern with white ribbons is printed over the blue and extends over the border into the red. An artist works on the far left of the photograph at the end of the table.A photographic detail of a hand in a blue glove painting with black ink into organic shaped lines. A shallow cup of black ink sits on the surface of the design quite close to the hand.A photograph of a long table receding in perspective at the top of the image. Two sets of long rectangular patterned designs appear in the foreground. Further back, three artists work from both sides of the table. Two of them are leaning over to screenprint together.A photograph of two artists leaning over a long table to screenprint together. The pattern they are printing is made up of dark green, red, and blue with white lines.Two patterned textile designs recede in perspective from the bottom left of a photograph to its top-right. Dark red and green borders surround a deep blue at the center of the designs. Overtop is are mirrored ribbons of magenta.

Artist Edition

Samara Golden x FWM

Storm at Split Rock (limited edition blanket)



As part of her residency, Samara Golden researched patterns found in historical swatch books in noted textile collections. The original intent was to contrast historic patterning with a screenprinted pattern using thermochromic ink onto high tech outdoor fabric to be featured in her current exhibition. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the blanket could no longer be placed in her exhibition but was instead developed as a limited edition of 18 blankets.

Throughout the blanket's pattern is a ribbon that has been printed with thermochromic inks which will change color—from red to safety orange—with touch. The edge of the blanket features turquoise piping; on other side of the blanket is a vibrant orange color. Check out this video for a look behind the scenes as the FWM Studio team prepared and printed the design.

Digital print silk, taffeta nylon, eco down, thermochromic pigment, silkscreen ink
50 x 70"
Edition of 18 (2 APs)

Fabric care: Hand wash with cold water using mild soap, hang dry

Storm at Split Rock comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, carrying pouch that displays the edition number, and a limited-edition Upstairs at Steve's exhibition catalogue screenprinted with Samara’s signature in thermochromic (heat activated, color changing) ink. Our FWM Studio staff is happy to help determine the best hanging mechanism for your blanket and customize it to suit your needs, for an additional fee. Please contact the museum shop for details.

About The Exhibition

An installation view with two people overlooking a balcony, peering into a refracted architectural space ending with a mirrored stained glass window. The refractions are divided by wooden boardwalks.

Samara Golden: Upstairs at Steve's

September 10, 2020–February 21, 2021

Upstairs at Steve’s depicts a complete upending of an outdoor tableau, set in a seaside landscape. The exhibition reveals a mysterious confluence of biography, history, psychology, and nature. Familiar household objects are strewn across the dunes, as if deposited from a natural disaster, with an accompanying soundscape adding another atmospheric layer.