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A photo of a tote bag pictured at a slight angle against a white background. The tote's tan fabric features a pattern of white, life-size silhouettes of ginkgo leaves randomly and sporadically spread out around the bag's form.

FWM Exclusive

Diane Itter x FWM

Ginkgo (tote)



Ginkgo trees stand out for their unique leaf shape (and their odorous “fruit” in the autumn), but they are also extremely resilient—a captivating symbol of strength and beauty. Hand-screenprinted onsite in the FWM studios, this mobile Ginkgo tote is a reminder of moments both fleeting and everlasting.

Did you know? The first species of this “living fossil” present in America was brought to Philadelphia at the Woodlands estate of William Hamilton in the late 18th century, which is still home to some of the oldest ginkgos around.

Diane Itter, in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

Printed on cotton
Approximately 12 x 25 inches (including straps)
Includes an inner pocket

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Meet the Artist

Diane Itter

Diane Itter is an American fiber artist mostly known for her works of knotted and brightly colored thread. During her 1978 residency, she designed her Ginkgo yardage using simple imagery of ginkgo leaf silhouettes and experimented with different colorways and functional uses for her design.