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A person with short hair, glasses, and earrings wears the scarf wrapped around their shoulders over a mustard sweater. In the background of the image, you can see out of focus trees with fall foliage in greens, reds, and yellows.An image of the print which appears on the silk scarf—a closeup of water rippling in greys and blues, with bright highlights where the light caught the water when it was photographed.

Artist Edition

Sarah Sze x FWM

Waterside (scarf)



Sarah Sze’s 2014 exhibition at The Fabric Workshop and Museum explored the construction and measurement of space, mass, time, and volume through the use of materials. Three museum floors—the first, second, and eighth floor galleries—contained different experiments, each one turning the viewer’s sense of scale, gravity, and information on its head. Common objects like rocks, newspapers, and furniture mutated from something known, to something foreign, fragile, newly composed, and entirely transformed. Here, the illusion of running water is represented on a similarly fluid silk.

Sarah Sze, in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

Printed on 100% silk
Dimensions: 47 x 50 1/2″
Edition of 22

Dry clean only

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Meet the Artist

Sarah Sze

Sze is known for her site-specific sculptural installations that combine mundane objects to create elaborate, architectural presentations imbuing the everyday with surprising significance. Her work incorporates her ranging interests in visual art, architecture, science, and philosophy.