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The bottom half of a folded necktie featuring a red brick pattern printed at a diagonal

FWM Exclusive

Bob Bingham x FWM

Brick (tie)



Bob Bingham's Brick (1986) fabric is a cornerstone of the FWM yardage collection. The Brick necktie is a vibrant slice of burnt sienna and classic reds—familiar, yet unexpected when presented on a garment.

“I sought insight from the local surroundings, history and culture in order to locate myself within this place," says Bingham of his process. "By recycling and combining disparate elements and stories into new relationships, I created contemporary ‘temples’ space/places for viewers to contemplate existential notions about how we both ‘live in’ and perceive the world around us”.

Bob Bingham, in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

Hand printed on cotton sateen
Dimensions: 3 1/4 x 57 inches
Hand wash, line dry

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Meet the Artist

Bob Bingham

As a sculptor, Bob Bingham sets out to question our ordinary use of space and situates recognizable objects in unexpected environments, most clearly expressed in his Brick yardage design. Bingham’s work also explores issues of consumerism, the influence of the mass media, and subliminal seduction.

Bingham’s Brick design was exhibited in Fabric as Concept: Conceptual Art from the Fabric Workshop in 1987.