Bob Bingham: Brick Tie


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Bob Bingham’s Brick design was exhibited in Fabric as Concept: Conceptual Art from the Fabric Workshop in 1987. On his process, Bingham says: “I sought insight from the local surroundings, history and culture in order to locate myself within this place. I often used the discarded materials and/or persons of society as a point of departure. By recycling and combining disparate elements and stories into new relationships, I created contemporary ‘temples’ space/places for viewers to contemplate existential notions about how we both ‘live in’ and perceive the world around us”.

Brick (1986) fabric is a cornerstone of the FWM yardage collection. The Brick necktie is a vibrant slice of burnt sienna and classic reds—familiar, yet wild when presented on a garment.

Designed in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum
Hand printed on cotton sateen
Dimensions: 3 1/4″ x 57″
Hand wash, line dry