Mark Rice: Desktop Computer from the 90’s


Return to a time when computers weren’t in your pocket and they had their own room in your house. Click all the hyperlinks your heart desires while you pay by the minute using your a dial up modem. Remember to keep everyone from picking up the landline phone!

2 x 2 inches

Contributed by Philadelphia artist Mark Rice for The Fabric Workshop and Museum Shop’s 2020 Philly Artist Trunk Show. Half of all sales on contributed works goes to the artist; thank you for supporting local makers!

To learn more about Mark and his artwork, visit his website here.

In stock

Each of these editioned objects is part of an ever-expanding line of art products called Voyage Corps Gifts. These products operate as experiments, sketches, and mockups for future works in print, sculpture, and installation. The product line works as a materials lab, proving ground, test market and fundraising division to both offer affordable art as well as engage with the public to generate reflection on experiments using newly-discovered different materials, subject matter, packaging, and presentation. 

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