Richard Tuttle: “Extraordinary (W)”


The hand-sewn yukatas, or summer kimonos, are made of Sarashi cloth, a traditional Japanese cotton fabric. There are two editions of 20 plus 4 artist proofs, one for men and one for woman. The design and pattern in this edition of new work are Chusen dyed, a traditional Japanese method of dyeing using stencil paper, by Miyamoto Co., Ltd., in Osaka, Japan. The pattern in the woman’s yukata design is rotated 90 degrees when compared with the man’s design. As Tuttle stated in a conversation with the FWM studio staff, “By changing direction of the bars, dynamic energy is achieved.”

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Richard Tuttle
“Extraordinary (W)”,
In collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum
Hand-sewn yukata with obi, chusen-dyed cotton and silk 
(women’s): 68 x 52 inches
Obi (men’s): 3.9 x 157.5 inches
Edition of 20, 4 APs, and 1 HC (Price below for edition 1 through 10)
Photo credit: Will Brown

This edition in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum debuted in Both/And Richard Tuttle Print and Cloth.