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A white ceramic mug featuring a hand illustrated green toile-like pattern made up mostly of roses but also features twin fetuses and rabbits. "you are worthy" is written in green script on the top inside lip of the mug.A white ceramic mug with "Gender Cannibal since 1986" written in green, watercolor-like script. Surrounding the text is a hand-illustrated green toile-like pattern made up mostly of roses but also features twin fetuses and rabbits.

Artist Edition

John Jarboe x FWM: Gender Cannibal Since 1986 Mug

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A picture of Will Stokes, Jr., an older Black man, smiling for the camera. He is resting his weight on a cane with his right hand and on a long print table with his left hand. He is wearing a black cap and a large red plaid shirt with a black t-shirt underneath. On two long printmaking tables are a series of repeated shapes representing an alligator

Uniquely FWM


From the Workshop’s inception, artists of all disciplines have been invited to experiment with us in the studio—a playful process that often results in the creation of hand-screenprinted yardage. Discover these designs and related products by Mary Heilmann, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Betty Woodman, and Will Stokes, Jr., among others.

Pride Collection

Jonathan Lyndon Chase x FWM

Bending $ag (limited edition boxers)

Virgil Marti x FWM

For Oscar Wilde (yardage)
A portrait of a white woman with curly brown hair. She is wearing a sleeveless yellow blouse with vertical black patterned markings. She is standing in a dimly lit room with green and red artworks in the background and a set of tables and chairs.

FWM Featured Artist

Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell is a visual artist and cartoonist whose satirical textiles, drawings, and comics reveal both current and historical misogyny. Her FWM residency led to the exhibition and archive, Heterodoxy, based on a secret feminist debate club that operated in New York from 1912 to 1940.

Artist Editions

Sonya Clark x FWM

Truce Flag Dish Towel

Jessica Campbell x FWM

Tufted Coasters Bundle (set of 4)
A grid of tool magnets is laid out against a bright, warm yellow background. The tools are colorful and illustrative, and include scissors, jars of ink, a screenprinting screen with a halftone, a needle and thread, a bolt of fabric, a squeegee pulling ink, and a roll of blue tape.

Studio Scene

For the Love of the Workshop

Celebrate the tools of making and spread the love for the Workshop with this collection of magnets, beanies, colored pencils, and more goodies.

A photograph of The Fabric Workshop and Museum store. The walls are covered floor to ceiling in patterned wallpaper. On the far wall are stripes of purple, blue, pink, red, and black. "FWM" is spelled out in lights. On the wall to the right are a number of wooden shelves and cabinets with various colorful products displayed. Several sets of display fixtures both tall and skinny as well as broad and low feature additional products, some under plexiglass protection like a plate by the artist Sol Lewitt that features a blue squiggly drawing.

About the Store

At the FWM Shop, our emphasis has always been artist-designed, hand-made, and locally sourced. Discover a unique legacy of design from artist editions and yardage made in collaboration with our Studio to gifts and other wearables by Philadelphia-based makers.