Jayson Musson: Ollie


Certified emotionally fulfilling! 

Your favorite pothead rabbit sidekick immortalized as a 30-inch-tall collectible. Collectors will find Ollie housed in a box rife with references to the props and sets of His History of Art as well as Musson’s creative forebears from Hans Holbein to Mister Rogers. The front of Ollie’s box bears his signature and the plaid of his iconic couch. On the back are statements from the artist (signed by his character “Jay”) and from FWM about the process and intention of making this plushie and the video series that inspired it.

Closed edition of 90. Ollie’s box is hand-signed by the artist.

Ollie doll: ∼30” from foot to ears
Box dimensions: 22 x 7 x 7”

Created on the occasion of Jayson Musson’s 2022 solo exhibition, His History of Arta three-channel video series written, starred, and co-directed by Jayson Musson and inspired by PBS-style educational children’s shows. Through a sitcom-like film structure, Musson and his puppet co-host Ollie the rabbit conduct a satirical survey on art history, its relationship to the general public and the ways in which popular art historical images impact our cultural consciousness.

**FWM does not assume legal, financial, or moral responsibility for the purchaser’s failure to draw emotionally fulfilling experiences from this box or its contents.