Jonathan Lyndon Chase: wild wild Wild West/Haunting of the Seahorse


wild wild Wild West / Haunting of the Seahorse By Jonathan Lyndon Chase

Publisher: Capricious Publishing 2020. Softcover, 9 x 7 inches. 100 pages / color

ISBN: 9781734656213

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wild wild Wild West/Haunting of the Seahorse is Jonathan Lyndon Chase’s newest book, made in collaboration with designer Jerome Harris and woven out of Chase’s binder of notes, collages, drawings and written texts. Two books in one, which both read from left to right (requiring it to be flipped upside-down to start again from the other side), force a unique reorientation. Though the two sections are distinct stories, both feel equally intimate, studded with Chase’s handwritten entries, poetry stanzas, drawings, and typed text.

“This confessional narrative of tender Black queer love continues in their new two-part book wild wild Wild West/Haunting of the Seahorse, a visual verbal mediation on grief, domestic love, family, and the body.” The Brooklyn Rail