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An image of the scarf laid out against a white background. The scarf is a light pink square, with abstract line-drawn figures erotically intertwined in a darker shade of pink.An image of a light pink scarf against a white background, but with the material twisted towards the center to show the light, silky structure of the fabric.A corner detail of a light pink scarf with a cubist-style abstraction of two intertwined figures. The border features a pattern of dozens of such figures.A photograph of a woman wearing a light pink scarf tied loosely around her neck, over a white blouse. She is wearing sunglasses and stands below a blossoming magnolia tree amid greenery.

FWM Exclusive

Beatrice Wood x FWM

Perfect Lovers (scarf)



What does perfection look like? Take it from the "Mama of Dada," Beatrice Wood (1893–1998), who produced this silk scarf late in her career with our Studio during her residency at FWM. Entitled “Perfect Lovers,” it depicts abstracted figures comingled in various erotic combinations and explores the tension where the two figures become indivisible. For the scarf’s border, Wood employed linework that may at first appear decorative and non-representational but a closer inspection reveals hundreds more of these intertwined lovers wrapping all four sides.

Beatrice Wood, in collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia.

Printed on silk
40 x 40 inches

Dry clean only

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